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Returns Policy

All customers are required to reach out to your local Best Buy store to discuss your return options, as well as required policies and procedures.   Customers should make a full and complete return in-person.  Customers may be subject to rental fees. No returns are authorized outside of Best Buy’s policies and procedures.  Each individual item may come with a different return policy and procedure.  BuyOnTrust does not authorize any cash or equivalent refund to customers, including but not limited to: credit cards, debit cards, cash cards, in-store credit, or bank accounts.  All items are expected to be returned in-full.  Failure to abide by these terms violates the terms of our agreement and may halt any further actions by BuyOnTrust. BuyOnTrust does not guarantee any lease adjustments based on refunds, sales, or any other promotions.  BuyOnTrust reserves the right to issue, and/or not issue, refunds or lease adjustments at our discretion.  Lastly and ultimately, your financial obligations are to your lease provider.  BuyOnTrust yields to the lease provider for many final decisions.  Customers can and are encouraged to speak with their lease provider regarding any financial matters, including returns, especially when their item is no longer returnable to Best Buy.

*No exchanges.  Replacement is allowed and can be handled at the Best Buy store, at their discretion.  A replacement is same item, same SKU, and requires no change on a lease.

After completing a return customers are required to email: 

Subject lines for most efficient service: Return or Return and Cancellation

We appreciate your business, patience, and cooperation as we work to provide you top-quality customer service.

Cancelling Items

If you wish to cancel any item/s on your order, we require you to notify us first via email:

We recommend titling the email: Cancelling item/s

*Additional costs might be incurred by cancelling and/or re-ordering any item/s, and many lease providers require a minimum dollar value to be maintained on a lease.  This means you might be required to return all items on your lease, which could result in rental fees.  By speaking with us first we can help you understand the additional potential costs, if any, in order to enable you to make the best decision based on your financial circumstances. 


Customers assume responsibility for all items on their lease as soon as an item is shipped to home. BuyOnTrust is not responsible for items not received, lost, stolen, damaged, or any other issues.  

If any customer has an issue with a shipped item please email: and enter in the subject line: Shipped Item Issue

Customers are financially responsible for all items during pending investigations.  We appreciate your patience, business, and the opportunity to help with these matters, though we can offer no guarantees.


Warranty concerns explained

Many items come with a manufacturer guarantee.  Also and aside, many items have the option to purchase an extended warranty at the Best Buy store, at time of pickup.  These options are separate and aside from the Lease, and are outside of the BuyOnTrust program.  Customers are encouraged but not required to consider purchasing an extended warranty when picking up their items from the store.  Customers are also encouraged but not required to reach out to a manufacturer in the event of any issues with the product.  Customers are encouraged but not required to speak directly with Best Buy concerning these options.

* This estimated payment is only an estimate. Not all applicants are approved or qualify for these terms. Actual terms will be in the lease agreement. Not available in MN, NJ, WI & WY.